The Authority is committed to creating inclusive communities and meeting the housing needs of all South Australians.

Through our first Disability Access and Inclusion Plan (DAIP), we will work towards removing the barriers people living with disability experience and encourage an inclusive culture within our workplaces.

The Plan sets out a number of actions that will improve accessibility and inclusion for our staff, customers and partners, and supports the key priorities outlined in the State’s Disability Inclusion Plan 2019-2023: Inclusive SA.

We consulted with the community, our customers and staff to shape how we can improve our services and workplaces to be more inclusive and accessible.

During its implementation, the DAIP will continue to be monitored, reviewed and updated to ensure that it continues to align with the needs of our customers and staff, and supports the actions set out in the State’s 10 year strategy, Our Housing Future 2020-2030.

To receive the DAIP in an alternative format, please contact the project team:

An easy read version will be available soon.