How we make a difference through collaboration

SA Housing Authority is committed to forming and strengthening partnerships, to work together in collaboration to find shared solutions to our shared challenges. This includes strong partnerships with our customers, the housing and homelessness sector, industry and other government agencies to provide better housing choices for South Australians.

Putting customers at the centre of everything we do

Housing is all about people, and so we are committed to keeping our customers and communities at the centre of everything we do. We are empowering our customers and communities, and involving them in designing the best possible housing system and services for South Australia. Input from our customers and the broader community was vital in the development of the state’s 10 year housing and homelessness Strategy, Our Housing Future 2020 - 2030.

With people at the centre, we want to help South Australians reach or maintain safe and affordable housing. For some, this will be moving out of crisis situations. For others, it might be maintaining stable social housing or moving into affordable private rental or home ownership. We want to help individuals to take personal responsibility to improve their own housing situation, supported by a housing system that gives them multiple pathways to find their best home.

Working in partnership to find shared solutions to shared challenges

The housing challenges we face are large and complex, and they are challenges that we share with our partners in the housing and homelessness sector. We are a leader in the system, however housing is bigger than any one organisation, provider or industry. All participants must work together if we are to make sustainable changes.

We are committed to working together in genuine partnership with our sector partners to design and implement shared solutions to our shared housing challenges. This genuine partnership approach can be seen as we work hand in hand with the sector to implement the state's 10 year housing strategy, Our Housing Future 2020 - 2030.

We need to work together to operate a joined-up housing system with no service duplication or gaps, where all participants are clear about their role and objectives. We need to support the sector so that it can be high-performing and responsive to changing customer needs.

Working with development partners to build more suitable social housing and more affordable housing

SA Housing Authority works with development industry partners, as well as the not-for-profit sector and other government agencies, to deliver social housing initiatives to replace and refurbish thousands of ageing South Australian Housing Trust homes, while generating more affordable housing through new building projects.

These projects support the local building industry, helping to drive the South Australian economy.  If you are interested in partnering with us to deliver social housing, please email ‚úČ

Housing renewal projects

Social housing renewal projects encourage housing growth in existing suburbs, close to schools, hospitals and other services to create healthy, affordable and liveable neighbourhoods. Large renewal projects are currently underway at Morphettville, Blair Athol and Felixstow.  Learn more about these projects.

Delivering affordable housing

The Authority encourages and facilitates the delivery of innovative, affordable housing solutions for low to moderate income households by working with the private sector, government agencies, local government and community partners.

Our aim is to reduce housing stress by helping more South Australians buy a home or access affordable private rental. We do this by working with our sector partners to deliver affordable housing through the SA planning system as well as projects being delivered under the sale of government land program.

Developers who build affordable housing will be able to access incentives and concessions such as land use planning incentives and land tax concessions.  This will help industry to meet the 15% affordable housing in new developments.

For more information, and how to get involved, visit Affordable Housing in SA.