As part of their funding agreement, all specialist homelessness agencies are required to use the Homeless2Home (H2H) client and case management system.

The H2H system:

  • ensures a consistent case management response to clients across South Australia
  • allows agencies to electronically record client circumstances, assistance provided, and outcomes reached
  • Creates a client pathway through the sector, and allows for referrals between agencies
  • allows for standardised reporting
  • Collects data in compliance with the Specialist Homelessness Services Collection
  • Access and system support is provided to agencies by the South Australian Housing Authority

New Users should:

Questions about the H2H system, including recent system changes, can be directed to the Homelessness Systems Support ✉ (HSS) team.

Basic user training

New users or those needing a refresher should complete the Self directed H2H Basic User Training package (PDF, 354.2 KB) to learn how to use H2H or refresh your skills

Basic user video resources

Additional Videos

Coming Soon

Online content for Super users and Program Managers is under development. There will be no face to face training offered at this time

Request additional training

To request a custom training session for your agency/an individual/or small group, please complete the training request form

If you would like to discuss your training needs prior to making a request, please contact the support team via phone or email. Requests for individual training will not be considered if the staff member has not completed the online basic user training package.

Only authorised staff members from specialist homelessness agencies and the South Australian Housing Authority will be able to access H2H.

When applying for access it is important to first read the H2H user role descriptions in the H2H user guide.

These forms support the administration of system access for agency staff:

Login to the H2H system

When a client's permission is required

Clients must be:

  • told why their information is being recorded
  • told how the information will be used
  • provided with the Notice of information provision (PDF, 220.0 KB) which explains how de-personalised data is used, and how personal details are protected

Clients must give their permission before information can be shared or exchanged with another agency (unless being shared under Information Sharing Guidelines).

This permission can be given:

Technical Help

If you need a password reset or the system is not functioning:

Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm excluding public holidays

Help with using H2H

If you need help using the system, have a training question or any other H2H issue:

  • Phone: 1300 885 912  ☏  —  select 3 to speak to the Homelessness Systems Support team
  • Email: HousingH2H@sa.gov.au

Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm excluding public holidays

Agencies can also email comments, feedback and suggestions on the H2H system to the address above

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