The Pathways Housing Program provides rental housing for a limited time to eligible households.

This policy sets out:

  • how properties are made available to the program
  • who’s eligible for the program
  • how these tenancies are managed

Making properties available

South Australian Housing Trust properties may be made available to the program if either:

  • they’re earmarked for redevelopment, major maintenance or sale
  • they’re hard to let
  • they’re in areas that would benefit from increased social mix
  • it’s appropriate to Housing SA’s asset and tenancy management needs


Customers can’t apply for the Pathways Housing Program. Housing SA may refer a customer to the program if they’re eligible for public housing in line with the Eligibility for housing policy.

Customers must also meet all the below conditions before they can be offered a property:

  • they make an arrangement to repay any debt they owe Housing SA in line with the Account management policy
  • the rent for the property’s no more than 50% of the total assessable household income before tax
  • they have a plan around how they’ll access alternative housing by the end of their lease agreement, for example renting privately

Lease agreements

Housing SA offers tenants a lease agreement, also known as the Conditions of Tenancy, for 12 months or less.

Reviewing lease agreements

Housing SA reviews the tenancy before the end of the lease agreement. The review determines if either:

  • the lease agreement ends
  • the tenant’s offered a second lease agreement
  • the tenant needs help into alternative housing, for example help paying bond into private rental accommodation

Second lease agreements

A second lease agreement’s only offered if all the below conditions apply:

  • the property’s still available to the program
  • the tenant’s still eligible for the program
  • the tenant has met the conditions of their first lease agreement

Managing the tenancy

Housing SA manages Pathways Housing Program tenancies in line with other Housing SA policies, including:


Pathways Housing Program rent’s set at 75% of the market rent for the property. Tenants aren't eligible for a subsidised rent.


Pathways Housing Program tenants are only eligible for a transfer if they’re assessed as Category 1 in line with the Transfer policy.

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