This policy sets out SA Housing Authority manages requests for services from employees.

The SA Housing Authority engages employees to deliver services on behalf of the South Australian Housing Trust.

These services include but aren’t limited to:

  • the Private Rental Assistance Program
  • registering interest in housing
  • offering public or Aboriginal housing, or housing managed by Housing SA in Aboriginal communities
  • real property transactions

Approval to provide services

Decisions to provide a service to employees are to be made on merit, without bias or self-interest.

The employee must be eligible for the service in line with the appropriate policies, procedures and guidelines.

Written submission

The authorised officer assessing the employee’s request for a service makes a written submission to their manager. The manager and their director must approve the request before the service can be provided.

The written submission includes all the below information:

  • the employee’s circumstances
  • why the authorised officer recommends the service is or isn’t provided
  • confirmation the employee’s eligible for the service and that the policy guidelines have been applied correctly and fairly
  • confirmation the employee hasn’t used their own knowledge or relationships developed while working at the SA Housing Authority for their own personal benefit
  • confirmation providing the service isn’t an actual or perceived conflict of interest
  • any other supporting evidence or information

If the service relates to a real property transaction, the written submission also includes:

  • details of the property transaction
  • the type of transaction, for example Affordable Homes Program, Progressive Purchase
  • verification they’re a Housing SA tenant, if they’re proposing to purchase as a sitting tenant


The relevant director, or executive director, approves the submission if both the below conditions are met:

  • offering the service doesn’t conflict, or isn’t perceived to conflict with the employee’s duties
  • the employee hasn’t misused information or a relationship developed while working at the SA Housing Authority to get the service

The relevant manager informs the employee in writing of the decision.

Keeping records

All information about the employee’s application for a service, including the written submission, is kept on their customer file. If it’s a real property transaction a copy is also kept on the house sale file.

Employees’ customer files or house sale files are stored in a secure location, for example in a locked cupboard.

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15 May 2020

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