Leading reforms to build a better housing system

Like much of the country, South Australia faces a range of serious housing challenges. We have insufficient supply of suitable affordable housing, increasing demand for social housing, and increasingly vulnerable customers who need an increasing variety of services. Our housing system is not meeting the needs of all South Australians, but we are working with the rest of the housing sector to reform the system.

Together, we will make sure we are clear about what type of housing is required to meet demand, and then focus on increasing the supply of, and investment in, affordable housing that better meets the needs of South Australians. We will modernise and improve the effectiveness of the state’s social housing system. Housing services will be designed to be customer- and community-focused, culturally inclusive, and shaped with input from the people that use them. We are determined to be a national leader in housing policy, starting with our work with sector partners to deliver a new Housing and Homelessness Strategy for South Australia.

Together, we need to take big, bold actions if we want to improve the social housing system, increase affordable housing and reduce homelessness. If we want to lead the nation, we need to have a clear and ambitious vision and be accountable along the way.