If you are an existing Housing SA customer, make sure you have your proof of ID and your Customer Reference number (this can be found on most correspondence Housing SA have sent you).

If you don’t know your Customer Reference number, contact Housing SA on 131 299.

  1. Open Housing Connect and select ‘Register for Housing Connect’.
  2. Answer the required questions and select ‘Next’.
  3. Enter your email address and create a password. Select ‘Next’.
  4. Check your email and select ‘verify’ before it expires in 24 hours. You may need to check your spam folder.
  5. Complete your registration.
  6. If you are an existing Housing SA customer, you will be asked to 'verify' who you are when you log in for the first time.  Select an ID type and provide the required information. Once that ID type has been verified (this should only take a few seconds), it will be removed from your screen. Repeat this if required to provide 100 points of ID.

If you are new to Housing SA, you can register for housing when you login for the first time.  To complete your registration, upload 100 points of ID to verify who you are.

To get started, select the Housing Connect button below

Select the Housing Connect button to get started