This pages includes a housing services finder, and information about:

  • housing options
  • homelessness services
  • social housing
  • housing for Aboriginal people
  • home modifications
  • problems and disputes
  • substandard properties, and
  • types of home help

Public, Community, Aboriginal or Housing Co-operative

Find out what type of housing you are eligible for, what you will need to do before you apply, what will happen next, and available housing.

Crisis Accommodation

Nowhere to go, sleeping rough, or escaping domestic violence find:

Additional Assistance

For more information and assistance visit SA Housing Authority Assistance web page

Housing Options for people with disability

People with a disability living at home, looking for a host family or a share house

Find available Public housing near you that you may be eligible for, what you will need to do before applying, what will happen next, or register for a transfer or relocation.

Find a Community Housing provider near you, are you eligible, what you will need to do before applying, what are the rents and charges and what will happen next.

Find housing for Aboriginal People by using the Housing Finder — Moving back to your community or living in a Housing SA house, looking for employment-related accommodation, or a person with a disability.

Private rental, community housing, boarding houses and shelters

If you are in a private rental home, in community housing, renting in a boarding house or shelter, you may be eligible.  Find out if you meet the criteria, what you will need to do, and what happens once your application is lodged.


Housing rents (Public, Community, Specialised housing, Transitional) are calculated using a rent calculator consistent with SA Housing Authority policies.

Housing SA accounts

If you need help with managing your Housing SA accounts there are various options available to you, such as Direct Debt, direct deductions from Centrelink payments, BPay.


Understanding your household budget, money coming in and going out.

If you are experiencing temporary hardship or financial stress — there are options.

Use the ‘Concessions Finder’ to find available concessions that may assist you with household expenses

Know your responsibilities as a public housing tenant.  What are the conditions of my tenancy?  What is anti-social behaviour, and what to do if you experience this type of behaviour?  How do I lodge a complaint, and what is the process?  Am I allowed to have pets?  Am I allowed to have visitors — what if they would like to stay a night or two?

As a public tenant, how do I look after my home.  What does Housing SA maintain and not maintain?  Who keeps the garden and backyard?  I need repairs — how do I make a request for repairs/ improvements/ modifications.  I have a disability and need modifications to the house.  Is there a cost?

I need home care help.  I have a disability and require home care help.  I am an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island and require a carer.

You can provide feedback or make a complaint online, via email, by telephone or by post.

View more information on SA Housing Authority Feedback and Complaints