Housing SA is making it easier for you to do business with us, reducing the need for you to come into our offices as we adopt social distancing practices across the state. This is an ongoing process and more changes will be coming throughout 2020. We will continue to share information with you as we progress.

Better communication

You can now choose to receive information from us by email or SMS text message.  If you have a mobile number registered with us, you will also receive SMS text message reminders about upcoming appointments.

If you would like to receive information from us digitally, contact us with your mobile number and email address:

We’ll soon be sending out our ‘new look’ letters. These have been designed to improve how we communicate.

An example of our new letters (PDF, 104.2 KB)

New account statements and invoices

We’ve changed how customer account statements and water invoices look to make it easier for you to understand. We’ve put together some fact sheets to help you read your new statements and invoices.

Understanding your account statement (PDF, 560.1 KB)

Understanding your water invoice if you have a shared water meter (PDF, 452.6 KB)

Understanding your water invoice if you have a separate water meter (PDF, 460.7 KB)

Online forms

Most of Housing SA forms are available for you to fill in online and email to us. Search for Housing SA and the name of the form on www.sa.gov.au, save a copy of the relevant form to your desktop, complete the form and email it to housingcustomers@sa.gov.au.

More online services will be available soon including the ability to:

  • update your contact details
  • check the balance of your rent, water and other account segments
  • view and print your transaction history
  • report changes to your Housing SA tenancy household income

Housing SA will be providing more services to customers online as we progress through the upgrade.


We’d love to hear your opinions about the new ways we can communicate, or hear your suggestions about what other online options you’d like to see.

Email your ideas and suggestions to Customerfeedbackhousing@sa.gov.au.

Page last updated: 16 April 2020