$10 million worth of maintenance works across South Australia have been fast-tracked to be completed by this year - with nearly $6 million to have already been completed by the end of next month.

More than 1400 individual properties will be renovated, creating more comfortable homes and saving money for our customers by using energy efficient solutions and more solar power.

While the works help to improve the lives of our social housing customers, it also provides a great boost for South Australian building and construction businesses at this difficult time.

The maintenance program supports more than 160 jobs, including 45 new jobs, seven jobs for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, and more than 200 training opportunities for students and jobseekers.

Reid is one of these new apprentices, having just started work on plumbing at Rosslyn Court in Parkside. Reid said he’s really enjoying the work and is pleased to be in a trade at this time.

“I was a bit unsure about what was going to happen with COVID, so I’m happy to have got the apprenticeship.  I’ve always wanted to get into plumbing. While I’m still learning, I’ve been lending a hand on site and even helped to concrete a few slabs in today.”