The State Government has launched Our Housing Future 2020-2030, a new 10-year plan that marks the beginning of a better housing future for South Australia.

Our Housing Future 2020-2030 is a long-term strategy for a better housing future for South Australia. It includes 33 actions under five clear strategies. These will be the foundation for systemic and sustainable change that will:

  • boost the supply of affordable housing by creating an environment that drives greater affordability, sustainability, accessibility and innovation, and attracts investment into our communities and regions.
  • reduce and prevent housing stress by increasing housing supply where it is needed and to demonstrate to potential buyers that home ownership is achievable.
  • boost employment and growth across the state including supporting 800 jobs in the construction and development sectors.
  • modernise the social housing system so that it better suits our changing tenant profile and provides stable housing to those who need it most, under a more sustainable service model for the future.
  • reform the homelessness system so that it is better integrated and focuses on outcomes that improve housing and life opportunities for people who need more responsive and tailored support.
  • support well-functioning and inclusive communities including strategies for housing pathways that join up the housing and support systems with other government and partner services and investment opportunities.

SA Housing Authority is the state government agency responsible for leading many of the initiatives within Our Housing Future 2020-2030 and will have an ongoing role in implementation over the next decade. However, the success of the strategy will rely on all partners across the housing sector working together to address shared housing challenges. This will include all parts of the housing sector, including government and non-government agencies, and the private sector.

There will also be further consultation with a broader range of stakeholders – including customers – for specific actions as the strategy is progressively implemented over the next decade.

To read the full strategy, or for more information, visit www.housing.sa.gov.au/ourhousingfuture