There are just two weeks left to participate in engagement to help shape the future of housing in South Australia. Public engagement on the new State Housing and Homelessness Strategy will close on 31 August 2019.

The new strategy is being developed hand-in-hand with the housing and homelessness sector, and will be a 10-year plan to improve housing outcomes for all South Australians.

The engagement provides a unique opportunity for everyone to provide their ideas and experiences to shape the strategy. Since broad engagement with the public and the housing and homelessness sector opened on 1 July, there has been excellent input from participants at the range of workshops, forums and other sessions held both in metropolitan and regional areas.

There are still several ways to participate before engagement closes on 31 August:

The new strategy will be finalised and released by the end of 2019, but it certainly won’t mark the end of the process. Improving housing outcomes for all South Australians will be a long-term partnership between the community and the government, non-government and private sectors.