The number of people sleeping rough in the inner city has reduced in recent months, an encouraging sign that more people experiencing homelessness are being helped into stable housing.

Latest figures from the Adelaide Zero Project By-Name List show that 163 people were identified as sleeping rough as of 18 September, compared to 208 in August, 226 in July, 215 in June and 227 in May. While the number of people rough sleeping in the city fluctuates constantly, the decrease over the past few months is promising.

The recent reduction in people rough sleeping has been supported by the SA Housing Authority providing public housing for people experiencing homelessness, and by the work of other homelessness service providers.

Since the By-Name List was created in May 2018, there have been 238 housing placements for people who had been previously sleeping rough. Efforts to reduce rough sleeping will be further boosted by the redeveloped Waymouth Street Boarding House, which reopens this month.

The challenges faced by rough sleepers, and the work of initiatives like the Adelaide Zero Project, are highlighted today on World Homelessness Day. World Homelessness Day is recognised on 10 October every year, to draw attention to the issue of homelessness worldwide, the needs of people experiencing homelessness locally and what can be done to assist them.