Today, we released the Future Directions for Homelessness paper – a new direction for homelessness services that focuses on strong partnerships and giving a voice to the people who use the system.

The paper outlines the State Government’s reform objectives to close gaps and create an integrated system of service provisions that is shaped by those with lived experience. Our new approach will see service organisations form alliances and work together in a structured and collaborative way to deliver long term improvements in outcomes for people at risk of or experiencing homelessness.

Embedded in the alliances will be a ‘Safety First’ principle for people affected by domestic and family violence. This means that the safety of the people involved remains the primary concern for any support provided to that person or family.

We know that no single service can provide everything a person needs to end their homelessness. The new service alliances will build a system with collective responsibility and a focus on outcomes, but not lose specialist supports.

The new and reformed system will be operating by July 2021.

Future Directions for Homelessness full report (PDF, 1.3 MB)