This week is Homelessness Week (4-10 August), which is recognised every year throughout Australia to raise awareness of people experiencing homelessness, the issues they face and the action needed to achieve enduring solutions.

This year’s theme is ‘Housing ends Homelessness’.

A range of Homelessness Week events will be held across the country this week. Information about the events, including events in South Australia, can be found at www.homelessnessaustralia.org.au

Reducing homelessness in South Australia will be an important part of the new State Housing and Homelessness Strategy. Engagement on this new strategy is now underway, and you can get involved by visiting www.talkabout.housing.sa.gov.au or www.yourSAy.sa.gov.au

Engagement closes on 31 August, with the new strategy to be released by the end of 2019.