“I have really enjoyed working with a diverse range of staff, from nurses and scientists, to accounts and administrators - there are so many agencies represented, it’s like a government Olympic Village!"

While we’ve been very busy supporting our most vulnerable community members throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, some of our staff have also been working for SA Health to help keep our state safe.

Luke started work with the COVID Operations team in November 2020 and has the very important role of calling people who have had close contact with a COVID-19 positive case and directing them to quarantine.

Luke’s skills and confidence have quickly grown, notching up over 250 hours at SA Health and assisting the team through both the Parafield and Modbury clusters.

“The work is challenging, but there’s lots of collaboration, idea gathering and reflection on what works and where we can improve.

"It is nice to be listened to, it makes you feel part of the solution in very difficult times.

“The regular health staff are great and really care about the mobilised staff, they’ve been very supportive and have made my time at health enjoyable.”

Well done Luke and thanks to all of our staff for being flexible and happy do their part in protecting us from COVID-19.