A new $135 million renewal project at Oaklands Park will deliver 665 homes and help to increase affordable housing options while supporting more than 1200 jobs.

We’ll be working closely with Housing Renewal Australia and Junction Australia to upgrade more than 250 public housing properties and build 400 new market properties from early next year.

We are excited to provide new social housing that better fits our customers’ needs, with a smart mix of housing types to suit both families and those who live on their own.

This is also a great opportunity for you to own a brand new, affordable home just 25 minutes from the CBD - close to public transport, employment opportunities, schools and universities and health services.

The new Oaklands Green neighbourhood will also include 3.4 hectares of parks and reserves, with dedicated walking and bike paths.

The first homes will be completed by late 2021, helping to create a lively and connected community that supports better housing choices for more South Australians.