Houses at Folkstone Rd Dover Gardens

Twelve new affordable homes in Dover Gardens recently listed on the under the SA Housing Authority’s HomeSeeker SA website sold within 48 hours.

The two-bedroom courtyard homes are being built in Adelaide’s southern suburbs and are part of the state government’s $400 million Affordable Homes Initiative, building 1000 new affordable homes by 2025.

Each property is fenced and landscaped, and include solar panels, delivering cost savings to buyers.

Eligible buyers earn less than $110,000 before tax (couple of family) or $85,000 before tax (single) as well as meeting other eligibility criteria. Eligible buyers are exclusively offered homes on HomeSeekerSA, meaning they aren’t competing with investors. Homes are offered at a fixed sale price.

To check your eligibility for the HomeSeekerSA program and sign up to get alerts about all new affordable housing listings on HomeSeekerSA visit www.homeseekersa.gov.au.

For more information about obtaining finance, www.homestart.gov.au.