Are you an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander person looking to gain an apprenticeship in a construction trade?

We’re excited to partner with not-for-profit training provider MEGT Australia to help create employment and training opportunities for young Aboriginal job seekers.

The I Got Built course runs full-time for eight weeks and is a combination of classroom learning and practical construction work.

You’ll work on refurbishing a Housing SA property, supporting the community while gaining the skills, training and confidence to prepare you for an apprenticeship.

We’re running an information session next week on 21 January 2021, where you can find out more and see if this program is right for you.

To register your interest, please complete the below expression of interest form and return to Matt Fairhurst (matthewfairhurst@megt.com.au) before the information session.

I Got Built expression of interest form (DOCX, 81.3 KB)

I Got Built information form (PDF, 477.1 KB)