This annual report will be presented to Parliament to meet the statutory reporting requirements of Section 42A of the South Australian Housing Trust Act 1995 and the requirements of Premier and Cabinet Circular PC013 Annual Reporting.
This report is verified to be accurate for the purposes of annual reporting to the Parliament of South Australia.

Submitted on behalf of the South Australian Housing Trust by:
Gary Storkey
Presiding Member, South Australian Housing Trust Board

Date: 30 September 2019           Signed: Gary Storkey

The SA Housing Authority has made significant achievements in 2018-19; its first year of operations. Since commencing on 1 July 2018, we have worked hard to build a new organisation, begin housing reform and develop new initiatives, all while continuing to provide vital housing services to our customers.

We welcomed a new South Australian Housing Trust Board, bringing together a broad range of new skills and experience. An Aboriginal Advisory Committee was also appointed, with representation from across metropolitan, regional and remote South Australia. This committee was formed to provide Aboriginal leadership and advice to the Minister and the Board in relation to Aboriginal housing.

Work commenced to develop a new State Housing and Homelessness Strategy. We engaged with key parts of the sector and prepared for broader sector and community engagement to commence from July 2019. Our commitment to genuine engagement will ensure that the strategy is shaped by the voices of as many South Australians as possible. We also began planning for the development of a new Aboriginal Housing Strategy, to enable a more tailored approach specific to the housing needs of Aboriginal people.

We secured a $75 million Remote Housing Agreement with the Commonwealth Government for remote Indigenous housing. This is the new agreement for housing on the APY Lands, Far North communities of Dunjiba and Umoona and the West-Coast communities of Yalata and Koonibba.

We continued our urban renewal program to deliver better housing for our tenants while providing more affordable housing opportunities to low-income South Australians. In a first for the South Australian Housing Trust, we began building apartment blocks designed specifically for older tenants, incorporating features that allow them to age in place. We also continued to assist eligible people to purchase a home through the Affordable Homes Program.

The Authority’s expertise was not limited to work inside South Australia. We play an important role in emergency relief operations, and in October, 30 staff answered a call for assistance from Queensland, travelling to that state to assist in flood recovery efforts.
I thank our staff and partner organisations for all of their hard work over the year, as we work together to deliver better housing outcomes for all South Australians.

Signed:  Gary Storkey
Presiding Member
South Australian Housing Trust Board

Signed:  Michael Buchan
Chief Executive
SA Housing Authority


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