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Agency ObjectivesIndicatorsPerformance
Reforming the housing system Modernisation and improvement in the effectiveness of the state’s social housing system. The Housing, Homelessness and Support Strategy is being developed through extensive consultation with the final strategy to be released by the end of 2019.
The Housing, Homelessness and Support Strategy - Strategic Intent outlines a shared vision for housing, homelessness and support in South Australia over the next 10 years.
Putting customers at the centre of everything we do Help South Australians reach or maintain safe and affordable housing. For some, this will be moving out of crisis situations. For others, it might be maintaining stable social housing or moving into affordable private rental or home ownership. Enabled more than 53,600 South Australians and their families to live in safe, secure and affordable housing.
Supported 55,396 households residing in safe and secure private rental accommodation.
Working with development partners to build more suitable social housing and more affordable housing The delivery of additional social housing to replace and refurbish ageing SAHT properties, while generating more affordable housing through new building projects. Continued a number of renewal projects that are providing new or refurbished social housing.
Facilitating the supply of affordable housing through programs such as the 15% Affordable housing policy and Affordable Homes Program, which delivered 137 new affordable homes to eligible lower income households.
Responsibility for the property and tenancy management of public and Aboriginal housing

Maintain tenanted properties through:

  • tenancy occupation rates.
  • allocating people in the most need.
  • ensuring that tenants respecting the peace and quiet of the community.
  • accommodation standards.
  • household not experiencing overcrowding.
Maintained a 98% occupied tenancy rate of public and Aboriginal housing.
Supported families by allocating 95% of properties to people and households with high needs.
Investigated 97% of antisocial behaviour complaints lodged against tenancies.
92% of customers indicated they were satisfied or very satisfied with maintenance services provided.
Less than 3% of public and Aboriginal tenancies were deemed as overcrowded.
Support families to access a variety of private rental accommodation People and families are still requiring financial assistance to secure private rental accommodation. Upon existing accommodation, tenants understand their responsibilities regarding end of lease agreements. 26,280 applicants were assisted to secure a range of private accommodation.
62% of bonds guaranteed were fully returned by a landlord or agent at the end of a tenancy or lease agreement.
457 customers were able to secure housing through the Private Rental Liaison Officer program.
Remote Aboriginal Housing Continuing its commitment to remote housing service delivery Continued to deliver services to remote communities.
Finalised the construction of new housing and the refurbishment of existing housing in remote communities under the National Partnership on Remote Housing.
Aboriginal Housing Develop an Aboriginal Housing Strategy An Aboriginal Advisory Committee.  was established to support the State Government's commitment to developing an Aboriginal Housing Strategy by December 2020.
Domestic Violence Implementing a number of key State Government initiatives to support women and children at risk of domestic and family violence though:  
  • providing an additional 40 domestic and family violence crisis beds.
Refurbish and fit out public housing properties with security upgrades with support to enable women to live independently but safely.
A small number of beds will be used to trial perpetrator interventions which will see perpetrators removed from the family home and provided with alternative accommodation and access to targeted support services.
  • interest-free loans to non-government organisations to fund domestic violence capital projects including expansions, renovations and capital upgrades.
A Request for Proposal released to the sector.
  • expand the current Domestic Violence Crisis Line from business hours to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
The crisis line began operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week enabling people experiencing domestic and family violence to access immediate, specialist support when they need help most.
Emergency Accommodation Over 6,500 people were supported into emergency accommodation was a result of homelessness or domestic violence circumstances. To improve consistency of service to people across the state, a centralisation trial of the Emergency Accommodation Program was implemented.
Specialist Homelessness Services Provide services to people who are experiencing homelessness or are at risk of homelessness. 39 service providers provided 81 programs (generic, domestic violence, youth and Aboriginal) to support 21,242 people experiencing homelessness or who were at risk of homelessness.
Asset Condition Inspection Inspection program which aims to provide information necessary for long-term strategic planning, asset management decision-making and maintenance planning for public housing. 15,146 inspections completed to facilitate improved management of the SAHT asset portfolio.
Renewal of 4,500 public housing properties This initiative aims to renew 4,500 old generation (pre-1968) SAHT properties within 10km of the city As part of the program, 28 Expression of Interests (EOIs) have been released with 27 EOIs finalised.
A total of 2,652 properties have been released to the market.
1,000 Homes in 1,000 Days Program is to deliver 1,000 new public housing outcomes including 100 disability housing outcomes; for vulnerable South Australians. 833 properties have been constructed including 100 disability homes with 152 properties under construction. Due to various delays the construction on the remaining homes is still underway.
Housing for Older people Provide support to older people though providing housing options and to reduce a trend in homelessness. The Authority is developing three new apartment blocks for older people, which will see the creation of 59 new homes.
The first apartments, located in Blair Athol, consist of 10 two-bedroom apartments.
Administer standards of residential property Ensure residential properties meet minimum standards 705 property inspections were undertaken to assess whether properties met the minimum housing standards under the Housing Improvement Regulations 2017.
175 substandard properties were added, and 419 compliant properties were removed, from the substandard property register.
Virtual Power Plant Support the State Government by assisting with the installation of 1,000 home energy systems on SAHT properties. Energy Locals were selected as the official Phase 2 retail partner though a procurement process. 624 home energy systems have been installed.

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