To invest in housing is to invest in our state's future

Steven Marshall, Premier of South Australia

Now is an exciting time to be a South Australian. My Government is committed to building a better future for all South Australians and ensuring that our great state reaches its potential.

At the heart of our plan to deliver real change for South Australians is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to modernise the housing, homelessness
and support system, the effects of which will be enjoyed for generations of South Australians to come.

Housing is a fundamental pillar of our society, and of our individual wellbeing. However, we recognise that sustainable and affordable housing is currently out of reach for a growing number of South Australians, and systemic change is desperately needed to enable people to reach their housing aspirations.

Through the Strategy, Our Housing Future 2020–2030, Government is hitting the reset button to get the housing and homelessness system back on track. To invest in housing is to invest in our state’s future, and in the future of all South Australians.

We understand that getting housing right – appropriate housing in the right locations – is key to economic growth. Housing supports population growth and the retention of talented people in our vibrant state, which are integral for sustained economic growth and continued prosperity.

A well-functioning housing and support system also assists people to live safely and independently. Housing is a job enabler, giving people the stability to find and maintain employment, and a job creator, stimulating local development and construction industries amongst others.

This Strategy creates a foundation for change by setting the conditions and opportunities to partner, pilot and scale up what works. This is not a strategy just for Government, but a whole-of-state and whole-of-system Strategy, for all partners involved in the planning, financing and delivery of housing and related services.

We’ve outlined 5 key strategies, including the delivery of 20,000 affordable housing solutions in partnership with the housing sector and industry, backed by over $550 million investment from my government to spark investment, demonstrate innovation, remove systemic barriers and pave the way for a bright housing future for all South Australians.

South Australia has a proud legacy of housing innovation and investment, started by Sir Thomas Playford GCMG. My Government is committed to creating the conditions our State needs to deliver a sustainable and effective State-wide housing, homelessness and support system.

Signed: Steven Marshall

Premier of South Australia

Michelle Lensink MLC, Minister for Human Services

The Marshall Liberal Government, at its core, is passionate about empowering South Australians to be the architects of their own futures. Fundamental to people’s wellbeing and autonomy is housing, and this government is committed to creating the conditions to support South Australians to reach their housing aspirations.

Our Housing Future 2020-2030 aims to support well functioning communities, with a focus on improving the customer journey and housing pathways. This strategy aims to break down the barriers that see people stuck in homelessness, falling through the cracks, or in housing that is not appropriate to their needs.

We know that getting people into a home in the right location and community for them, at a price they can afford, improves health outcomes, reduces impacts on other government services, and increases overall productivity both at an individual and state level.

However, evidence shows us that the housing system is currently not working for many, including the thousands of low income households living in rental stress, and those who are homeless or living in marginal housing.

Now is the time to overhaul how we approach housing, and lead the way with a new and innovative plan for the entire housing ecosystem – from homelessness, to social housing, to the private market.

This strategy is all about opportunities and is just the start of the conversation. The Strategy encourages stronger partnerships, collaboration, innovation and co-investment to build the capacity and capability of providers. It also re-defines relationships with customers to better meet individual housing and support needs.

Only with genuine collaboration can we create real change for our housing system, enabling lasting outcomes for customers where housing aspirations are met. Together with our partners in industry, the sector and across government, we embark on this journey to hit the reset button and design and deliver a new housing future in South Australia.

Signed: Michelle Lensink MLC

Minister for Human Services