Putting customers at the centre of everything we do

Housing is all about people, and so we are committed to putting our customers and communities at the centre of everything we do. We are empowering our customers and communities, and involving them in designing the best possible housing system and services for South Australia. Input from our customers and the broader community is vital in the development of the state’s new Housing and Homelessness Strategy. The development of this strategy is providing many opportunities for conversations with the sector, customers and the broader community to identify housing opportunities, and what initiatives and actions are needed to make the state’s housing vision a reality.

With people at the centre, we want to help South Australians reach or maintain safe and affordable housing. For some, this will be moving out of crisis situations. For others, it might be maintaining stable social housing or moving into affordable private rental or home ownership. We want to help individuals to take personal responsibility to improve their own housing situation, supported by a housing system that gives them multiple pathways to find their best home.