Working in partnership to find shared solutions to shared challenges

The housing challenges we face are large and complex, and they are challenges that we share with our partners in the housing and homelessness sector. We are a leader in the system, however housing is bigger than any one organisation, provider or industry. All participants must work together if we are to make sustainable changes. We are committed to working together in genuine partnership with our sector partners to design and implement shared solutions to our shared housing challenges. This genuine partnership approach can be seen as we work hand in hand with the sector to develop a new Housing and Homelessness Strategy for South Australia. This strategy will be a 10-year plan to improve housing outcomes for South Australians, and will be released in late 2019.

We recognise that we have a leading role to play in the sector, but we are just one part of that sector. We need to work together to operate a joined-up housing system with no service duplication or gaps, where all participants are clear about their role and objectives. We need to support the sector so that it can be high-performing and responsive to changing customer needs.