Affordable housing is housing that is appropriate for the needs of a range of very low to moderate income households and priced so that these households are also able to meet other basic living costs such as food, clothing, transport, medical care and education. As a rule of thumb, housing is usually considered affordable if it costs less than 30% of gross household income. It includes rental and home purchase opportunities, and is well built, located close to transport, shops, hospitals and community services, as well as suited to its residents.

SA Housing Authority manages the delivery of the Affordable Housing Policy on behalf of the Government of South Australia, by:

  • facilitating partnerships between private industry and not-for-profit providers to deliver commercially successful developments that include affordable housing
  • working with financial institutions to improve purchasing power for buyers
  • providing ‘best practice’ advice to industry on designing and marketing affordable housing
  • providing support, information and education to assist local government to include affordable housing in their local area
  • promoting affordability more generally and encouraging improved efficiencies in housing markets
  • promoting affordability more generally to the housing sector.

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Affordable Homes Program

Affordable Homes Program gives eligible buyers the opportunity to buy homes throughout South Australia at a reasonable cost, before they are available on the open market — meaning eligible buyers have the opportunity to purchase a home exclusively for a period of time at a fixed price, without having to compete with investors.

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