A new Housing and Homelessness Strategy for South Australia

We are working hand in hand with our sector partners, our customers and the broader community to develop a new State Housing and Homelessness Strategy. The strategy will be a long-term plan to reform the state’s housing system to better respond to current and future housing needs.

It will include actions and objectives under a range of key themes, including affordable and market housing, social housing, and supports and services. The strategy will also consider Aboriginal housing, although a specific Aboriginal Housing Strategy will also be developed, to enable a more tailored approach specific to the housing needs of Aboriginal people.

Extensive consultation has been undertaken to include the voices of as many South Australians as possible in shaping the State Housing and Homelessness Strategy, which will be released by the end of 2019. This consultation was undertaken across the state, and included the housing and homelessness sector, people with lived experience of housing issues and the general public. There were three forums with the sector focusing on housing market affordability, supports and services, and social housing. You can read a summary of those forums below.

Lived Experience Workshops

Below are two reports about Lived Experience Workshops undertaken during engagement:

Strategic Intent

The strategy will be guided by the Strategic Intent. This framework was developed by the Housing and Homelessness Taskforce, which represented the sector. The Strategic Intent outlines a shared vision for housing, homelessness and support in South Australia over the next 10 years. It includes outcomes, objectives and principles that aim to improve housing outcomes for South Australians.

You can read the Strategic Intent below, as well as the full SA Housing and Homelessness Taskforce Report. Also below are three documents that informed the Taskforce report - the first by the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute (AHURI) and the second by The Australian Centre for Social Innovation (TASCI), together with the most recent Triennial Review (2013-04 to 2016-17) of the South Australian Housing Trust's operations and administration.

The below video provides information about some of the housing challenges in South Australia, and the importance of the new strategy.