Building on a rich and proud history

The SA Housing Authority is led by the South Australian Housing Trust Board. The Trust has a rich and proud history of helping South Australians to access secure housing.

The Trust was established in 1936 to deliver new housing supply to meet the post-war population and migration boom. As well as building many thousands of houses for low-income working families, the Trust also created economic investment, developed entire new suburbs and the supporting infrastructure.

However, the role of the Trust has changed. Over time there has been a shift in focus from just building new properties and infrastructure to providing new services and supports for customers who are increasingly vulnerable. It has been recognised that it is not possible to build new homes for every low income or at risk South Australian, and so functions like private rental assistance, community housing and affordable housing have been developed.

The challenge now for the SA Housing Authority is to continue to adapt to the changing needs of our communities. To find ways to increase the supply of affordable and better housing options, while making sure that support services continue to be available to those who need them.