A roadmap to 2025 to deliver better housing choices
for all South Australians

I am pleased to launch SA Housing Authority’s inaugural Strategic Plan.

This exciting and ambitious roadmap to 2025 provides the vital framework to ensure the Authority succeeds to ultimately deliver better housing choices for all South Australians.

This Strategic Plan and Our Housing Future 2020-2030; the State’s housing, homelessness and support strategy; will guide the Authority, while allowing flexibility to find opportunities for strengthening its capacity and supporting innovation now and into the future.

The Strategic Plan not only articulates the Authority’s vision and purpose, but clearly identifies five key objectives that define what it does and does not do.

The Authority’s strategic direction is transparent, ensuring the organisation is accountable for its performance and strives to excel at its core business and regain its proud, historic reputation as a world-leading housing provider.

Whilst historical operational challenges have impacted on the public image of the government’s role in social housing,  SA Housing Authority is proactively repositioning itself as a modern, professional, effective and high-performing organisation with a social heart and a commercial mind. With the guidance and support of my Board, it is evolving a business mindset while putting people – and its customers – at the centre of everything it does.

It has been heartening to see SA Housing Authority diligently continue to deliver housing opportunities for South Australians while building its own capacity in its first two years. Michael Buchan and his people have successfully established a new agency and maintained core business, while defining a renewed commitment to ensuring South Australians can secure and sustain an affordable home as a base to help them reach their full potential.

I look back with pride at the work achieved by the Authority to date, and eagerly anticipate the success that the future promises with this, the release of the SA Housing Authority Strategic Plan 2020-2025.

Gary Storkey
Presiding Member,
South Australian Housing Trust Board

Since the Authority was formed  in July 2018, the organisation and our people have experienced an exciting period of change and opportunity as we defined who we are, what we do and how we do it.

The delivery of this Strategic Plan 2020- 2025, and Our Housing Future 2020-2030, heralds a new phase for our organisation, and one in which we can settle into our role as leaders in the housing sector and set the pace for future progress.

Building on the rich and proud history of the South Australian Housing Trust, SA Housing Authority continues to work to establish the right operating environment and frameworks to enable all stakeholders to work together to build new partnerships, new thinking and innovative solutions to our housing challenges. Our success will not only be dependent upon what we achieve, but how we achieve it.

Collectively, we have been on a significant journey, discovering and defining what is important to our customers and the communities and neighbourhoods within which we operate. Going forward, we must continue to reform our operations to ensure we value our customers, renew our assets, strengthen our partnerships and respect our communities.

Our Strategic Plan not only focuses on our immediate housing challenges, but also plans for the future to address the demand in the system. SA Housing Authority is helping people aim for - and achieve - better housing outcomes, so that social housing is not seen as the only solution but rather just one part of a housing mix which includes affordable housing, as well as opportunities in the private market.

I am proud to lead such a talented and dedicated staff who are passionate about improving housing opportunities and outcomes to provide
better housing choices for South Australians.

Michael Buchan
Chief Executive,
SA Housing Authority


Page last updated: 20 July 2020