This Policy sets out:

  • why the SA Housing Authority collects your information
  • the type of information collected and stored by the Authority
  • how the Authority uses and shares your information
  • when and how you can access your information so you can update or change it.

This policy applies to all personal information collected, used, stored and shared by the Authority and is in line with the:

This policy applies to all Authority staff. Any staff member found breaching this policy will be subject to disciplinary action.

The Authority collects different types of personal information necessary to provide services to you including, but not limited to:

  • assessing your eligibility for services – for example rent assistance
  • referring you to organisations that can help you with other services – for example homelessness services or affordable housing
  • collection of details when you attend an information session given by the Authority
  • collection of information in the case of complaint management and protecting the Authority against potential false claims or statements

If the Authority is collecting your personal information, they will tell you:

  • why it is being collected
  • if collecting the information is required or authorised by law
  • how the information will be used
  • how you can access our information to change it.

The type of information that may be collected includes, but is not limited to:

  • your identity – for example your name and date of birth
  • contact details
  • income details, including your Centrelink Reference Number
  • household members’ details
  • your housing needs
  • photos, video and audio recordings of phone conversations
  • records of interactions you may have with the Authority.

The Authority may collect your personal information in person, over the phone, in writing or from another person or organisation that already has consent to share your information.

You can refuse to give the Authority your personal information, but this may affect how the Authority can help you in the future and what services you can access.

The Authority takes reasonable steps to protect your personal information it holds from misuse, loss, unauthorised access, modification, interference or disclosure by making sure:

The Authority stores all personal information in line with the State Records Act 1997.

The Authority may share your personal information when:

The Authority may use and share depersonalised information (eg information that doesn’t identify the person it relates to) for purposes such as reporting and service evaluation. It may share personal information to other government agencies under the Public Sector (Data Sharing) Act 2016 and Public Sector (Data Sharing) Regulations 2017 to support evidence-based decisions and evaluate policies, programs and services.

The Authority can take photos of your property during a home visit, an arranged inspection, maintenance visits or at the end of your tenancy, to create a record of the property and its condition.

You can ask that no photos are taken of you or your personal items that could potentially identify you as the tenant.

The Authority may, during community events or functions, take or use photographic, video or audio recording(s) of people for promotional purposes.

If you are attending one of these events, you will be asked if you would like to be a part of the promotion. You can choose not to take part. If you do take part you will need to fill out a ‘Talent Release Form’. This is especially important for parents or guardians of children under the age of 18.

The Authority takes reasonable steps to prevent misuse of information by third parties.

The Authority will only share your personal information with third parties in line with the Public Sector (Data Sharing) Act 2016,  Information Privacy Principles (IPPS) Instruction, or the Information sharing guidelines for promoting safety and wellbeing. Third parties, for example, Homelessness Alliance partners, multi-trade contractors and community housing providers, are required to protect and store personal information in line with their contractual obligations with the Authority, and their own privacy policies.

The Authority may use or share your personal information for the purpose of direct marketing if:

  • the Authority collected your personal information for this purpose in the first instance
  • it is reasonably expected that the Authority would use or share your information for that purpose
  • the Authority provides a simple way to unsubscribe from receiving direct marketing material
  • you subscribe, register or follow to receive information or publications such as newsletters, brochures or social media posts through the Authority’s website or social media platforms.