About the Employment Pathways Program

The Employment Pathways Program assists SA Housing Authority achieve its social housing targets, set out in Our Housing Future 2020-2030.

As part of its commitment, SA Housing Authority is delivering up to 1,000 employment and training outcomes for social housing tenants, including those on the housing register. Providing opportunities to obtain secure, meaningful employment creates greater independence for tenants and, where appropriate, can empower them to transition to private rental or home ownership.

Who is eligible to participate?

Employment Pathways Program participants may include:

  • Housing SA tenants and tenants of community housing providers, such as Junction Australia, Unity Housing and Housing Choices SA
  • people who are waiting for housing on public or community housing registers
  • recipients of Housing SA private rental assistance
  • people at risk of homelessness, including young people who do not have stable housing

What opportunities in training and employment are offered?

Traineeships, apprenticeships and employment opportunities are available across sectors including building and construction, civil construction, maintenance, horticulture, administration and in call centre roles.

Traineeships are usually offered in non-trade fields for up to 36 months, while an apprenticeship is usually trade-based and for between three and four years.

Both traineeships and apprenticeships can often be completed on a part-time or full-time basis, as determined by the employer.

Preparing for employment

SA Housing Authority partners with industry, registered training organisations, group training organisations, government departments, schools, support agencies and employment service providers. Through these partnerships, it delivers foundation skills training, school based vocational training and pre-employment courses.

If your organisation would like to discuss partnering on a course or program please complete the Employment Pathways Partnership Opportunities Form and a member of the project team will contact you.

These courses aim to provide the guidance, skills and training to help participants transition into vocational training and/or employment in a supportive and safe environment. This approach supports participants who may have little to no work experience to feel valued during what can be a daunting yet exciting new phase in their lives.

Courses can include a combination of classroom learning and practical construction experience while refurbishing Housing SA properties, providing:

  • non-accredited training, such as budgeting, resume and cover letter building, and interview skills
  • learner support services, funded by the Department for Innovation and Skills, to provide case management support that helps students address life, learning and other issues, and complete their training and transition to employment
  • hands-on practical experience working on refurbishing Housing SA properties

Pre-employment courses that SA Housing Authority partners with other organisations on include:

If you are someone living with disability, please contact us to receive this information in an alternative format:

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