South Australian Housing Trust (SAHT) customers have the right to appeal a decision made on behalf of the SAHT that directly affects them. The appeal process and conditions are set out in the South Australian Housing Trust Act 1995 and the South Australian Housing Trust Regulations 2010.

Customers can apply for an internal review. If a customer disagrees with the result of the internal review, they can apply for an independent review by the South Australian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (SACAT).

This policy set out when a customer can appeal, and the appeal process.

Things that can be appealed

Customer can appeal a decision about:

  • an application for housing or priority housing
  • an application for bond or rent assistance
  • an application for subsidised rent
  • an assessment or decision about their housing need or position
  • a matter covered by their SAHT lease agreement, also known as the Conditions of Tenancy
  • a matter that affects them as a SAHT tenant
  • any other matter defined by the South Australian Housing Trust Act 1995.

Things that can’t be appealed

Customers can’t appeal all decisions that affect them. An appeal may not be accepted if the customer makes a complaint about:

  • government or SAHT policy, rather than how a policy was applied
  • a dispute between neighbours, rather than  decision about how a complaint about antisocial behaviour was managed
  • how a staff member behaved, rather than a decision they made
  • a matter where another jurisdiction’s involved - eg a court
  • any other matter set out in the South Australian Housing Trust Regulations 2010.

Internal review

Customers who disagree with a decision should first talk to the staff member who made the decision. The staff member will explain how and why they reached their decision.

If the customer still disagrees, they can apply for an internal review.

During the internal review the facts of the decision are checked, and if it was made in line with SAHT policy and any other relevant documents and processes.

The customer will be notified of the outcome within 28 days, except if there are reasonable grounds for delay.

Lodging an appeal

If the customer still disagrees with the decision after an internal review they can lodge an appeal with SACAT.

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  • Housing SA appeals framework

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2 April 2019

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