Housing SA may give approval for tenants to run a business from their home. This includes any work or activity that takes place in the home that someone in the household, earns an income from.

This policy sets out:

  • when Housing SA gives or withdraws approval
  • how it may affect a tenant’s rent
  • what may happen if a tenant is running a business from home without approval

Applying to run a business from home

Tenants must get written approval from Housing SA before anyone in their household starts running a business from home.

Housing SA will approve the business if the tenant meets all the below conditions:

  • the business doesn’t disturb the peace, comfort or privacy of neighbours
  • they don’t advertise the business on the property
  • they don’t use any part of the property as an industrial type workshop, for example mechanic
  • the business doesn’t breach any conditions of the lease agreement, also known as the Conditions of Tenancy or Tenancy Agreement
  • the business compiles with local council regulations and any other laws that apply
  • they get appropriate insurance cover

Rent and income earned

The tenant must tell Housing SA about and provide proof of any income earned from running the business.

Housing SA calculates rent in line with the Rent policy.

Running a business that hasn’t been approved or doesn’t comply

If a tenant runs a business from home without Housing SA’s approval, or the business doesn’t comply with Housing SA’s conditions, it’s a breach of their lease agreement.

When visiting a tenant, Housing SA checks if a business:

  • is being carried out at the property
  • complies with Housing SA’s conditions

If Housing SA believes a business is in breach of a tenant’s lease agreement it may:

  • tell the tenant to stop the business
  • review the rent in line with the Rent policy
  • give notice to the tenant to address the breach of the lease agreement
  • apply to South Australian Civil and Administrative Tribunal to end the tenancy if the breach isn’t addressed

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