A better housing future for South Australia

Our Housing Future 2020-2030 is a 10-year plan for a better housing future for South Australia.

The success of the strategy will depend on partnerships between all parts of the housing sector, including the construction and development sector, government and non-government organisations. Housing customers and the broader community will also have an important role to play as we seek to put the customer at the centre.

Latest news about key initiatives

Partners - register to keep up to date about key initiatives

Partners across the housing sector will now work together to develop the initiatives.  You can register your details to keep up to date, and get involved in construction and development opportunities (PDF, 1.2 MB) and pilots under the Homelessness Prevention Fund (PDF, 658.5 KB)

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Customers - learn more about affordable housing

The strategy has initiatives to deliver 20,000 affordable housing solutions. If you are looking to buy an affordable home or seeking affordable financing options, visit the HomeSeeker SA and HomeStart websites.

What the strategy aims to achieve

It is long-term strategy to improve housing in South Australia. It includes 33 actions under five clear strategies that will:

  • boost the supply of affordable housing
  • reduce and prevent housing stress
  • boost employment and growth across the state, including supporting hundreds of jobs in the construction and development sectors
  • modernise the social housing system
  • reform the homelessness system
  • support well-functioning and inclusive communities.

Download a pdf version of the strategy, or read the HTML version

The strategy contains clear actions for all partners in the housing sector, including government and non-government, to work together to contribute to meeting the level of need highlighted in the findings of the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute (AHURI) report, which you can read below.  The strategy includes actions to increase the supply of affordable housing, with 20,000 affordable housing outcomes over 10 years, directly in response to the findings of the AHURI report. It also includes a range of actions to improve housing pathways and modernise the social housing system, to help current social housing tenants on moderate incomes to access other housing options (including affordable home ownership) where possible, making social housing available to those in our communities who need it most, for the time that they need it.

For more information read the AHURI report (PDF, 1.9 MB).

Further Information

Page last updated: 20 August 2020