This policy sets out how Housing SA relocates tenants.

This policy doesn’t apply to tenants who:

  • have applied for a transfer or mutual exchange
  • are being transferred due to antisocial behaviour

When a tenant may be asked to move

Housing SA may ask a tenant to move to another property, either temporarily or permanently, if any of the below conditions apply:

  • the property needs to be vacant so maintenance or redevelopment can take place
  • the property has been identified for sale or lease by Housing SA
  • Housing SA finds the property isn’t suitable for the needs of the tenant or their household

If they choose, tenants can be supported to move to a property that isn’t managed by Housing SA, for example private rental, community housing.

Offering tenants another property

When offering a tenant another property, Housing SA:

  • talks to the tenant as soon as possible about the relocation and makes sure they’re central to the decision-making process
  • provides as much information as possible to the tenant to help them decide
  • abides by and refers to the lease agreement, also known as the Conditions of Tenancy, that the tenant signed at the start of their tenancy
  • makes every reasonable attempt to minimise disadvantages the relocation may have on the tenant
  • takes into consideration the tenant’s age, health and any special needs or circumstances they may have
  • pays any reasonable costs associated with the relocation as agreed with the tenant, for example for removals
  • offers the tenant a similar type and length of lease agreement in a new property as they have in their existing property

Housing SA makes every reasonable effort to negotiate an acceptable housing alternative with the tenant. This doesn’t mean that the tenant will be offered the same size housing. Housing SA uses Occupancy standards in public housing to match the tenant’s household with the size of the property.

Tenants may be offered an opportunity to return to their property or area if possible, for example moving back to the house once maintenance is complete.

If the tenant refuses to relocate they may be breaking the conditions of their lease agreement.

Tenants have the right to appeal a decision made by the South Australian Housing Trust in line with the Appeals policy.

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  • Relocation guidelines v18

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14 April 2020

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