Meet David*, one of our tenants whose resilience continues to inspire us.

After a sudden relationship break-up, David battled health issues and experienced homelessness as he lost his home, employment and sense of purpose. But he has been working hard to overcome these and other challenges, and is getting his life back on track.

Supported by our staff, David has moved into his own home and couldn’t be more proud of it – he sent us this great shot of his new place!

He enjoys volunteering in his community each week, has improved his health, and has begun to reach out and re-establish relationships. He has now saved enough to purchase a small car, one of his proudest achievement to date.

While David is grateful to our team for supporting him into his own place to call home, he said the greatest gift was our belief that change is always possible.

Well done David, we can’t wait to see what’s in store for you next!